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Medieval Map (02:49)


Dr. Alixe Bovey travels to the Isle of May, where she visits the ruins of Saint Adrian’s Priory.

Crail (02:35)

Bovey visits the town of Crail, which once held one of the biggest fish markets in all of medieval Europe. She discusses inaccuracies in the Gough Map and its depiction of Scotland’s inhospitable terrain.

Highland Wolves (03:13)

The Gough Map bears a warning about the Scottish Highlands: “Many wolves live here.” Peter Cairns of Highland Wildlife Park shares theories regarding why medieval Britons thought these misunderstood pack animals were the embodiment of pure evil. Bovey discusses bestiaries.

Stirling and Bannockburn (04:24)

Bovey passes Loch Tay, which the Gough Map says features “a floating island, fish without intestines, and a passage without wind.” She then visits Stirling, a town that played a pivotal role in Scottish independence; Robert the Bruce defeated King Edward II at nearby Bannockburn.

Glasgow (06:17)

Peter Yeoman of Historic Scotland discusses the history of Glasgow Cathedral and Saint Kentigern, the 6th century missionary who is buried there. Bovey also visits Provand’s Lordship, the oldest house in Glasgow, where she learns about medieval herbal medicine.

Melrose Abbey (03:27)

King David I established the abbey in 1136. It is one of four abbeys that David built in the border territories at great expense. The heart of Robert the Bruce is believed to be buried at Melrose.

Border Reivers (04:59)

Bovey heads to the Scottish Borderlands where she visits Smailholm Tower, one of many peel towers where border families sought refuge from the constant fighting between Scottish and English forces. She also learns about raiders that were active along the Anglo-Scottish border.

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: Scotland (00:30)

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: Scotland

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Dr. Alixe Bovey explores the most mysterious region on the Gough Map—Scotland—which was a nation still in its infancy when the document was produced in the 14th century.

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