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Operation Mincemeat: Devising Schemes (02:00)


British Intelligence Officer Ewen Montagu devised a deception plan to persuade Axis Command that an attack would not occur in Sicily. A drowned body, carrying documents containing false intelligence, was to be found off Spain's coast.

Operation Mincemeat: Documents and Identity (02:38)

Two letters indicating Allied attacks planned for Greece and Sardinia were prepared, and the courier's identity created. "Major William Martin" of the Royal Marines was planted with identification and other detailed personal effects.

Operation Mincemeat: Major Martin (03:34)

A pathologist suggested using a pneumonia victim's body for the deception and a corpse was procured from Saint Mary's Hospital. On April 15th, the plan was initiated.

Operation Mincemeat: Elaborate Ruse (02:01)

Spanish authorities returned "Major Martin's" documents. Montagu was confident the false intelligence reached Germany. Hitler downgraded threats to Sicily, sending reinforcements to Greece and Sardinia.

Internal Cover Up: Body Switching (07:48)

Montagu kept "Major Martin's" true identity secret; his books and the body's pathological requirements implied he was not a Welsh vagrant. Speculations that the corpse was recovered from a secret naval tragedy were well founded.

Internal Cover Up: Case Study (03:35)

Colin Gibbon linked the HMS Dasher disaster to Operation Mincemeat's initiation. He discovered a Thomas Martin on the casualty list and clues that the name was intentionally used. Logistics supported the unverified theory; despite controversy, the plan was highly successful.

Credits: The Man Who Hoodwinked Hitler (00:21)

Credits: The Man Who Hoodwinked Hitler

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Discover how Hitler was hoodwinked when an ingenious plan saw the body of an officer washed ashore carrying false information about Allied landings.

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