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Charging the Gates (04:04)


In April 1945, a German soldier advised the British army to bypass Belsen to avoid a typhoid outbreak. Lieutenant Colonel Bob Daniell drove his tank through the entrance and administration office. In the camp, he found a trench with 3,000 corpses and other horrors.

Final Solution (04:51)

Belsen was originally a work camp, established after Hitler became Chancellor; anyone considered anti-social could be imprisoned. Nazi invasion of Poland and Russia put millions of Jews under German regime and extermination was decided the best method of reducing unwanted populations.

Camp Conditions (05:57)

The British Army found 40,000 living inmates and more than 35,000 corpses. First reports of Nazi cruelty were seen as propaganda, but Dwight Eisenhower and journalist Richard Dimbleby confirmed the horrors. Schutzstaffel administration was arrested.

Pestilence and Hunger (04:03)

Two weeks after liberation, Belsen inmates were still dying; a group of British medical students were enlisted to help. They ordered Schutzstaffel to bury bodies and German nurses cared for some of the sick; many died from typhus. Medical huts eventually cleared and survivors moved to hospitals.

Respite and Retribution (03:13)

British Intelligence Officer Norman Turgel fell in love with a Belsen inmate, marrying her shortly after leaving camp. After clearing medical huts, British troops celebrated. In November 1945, Nazi officials, including camp administration, were tried and several were executed.

Credits: The Men Who Liberated Belsen (00:20)

Credits: The Men Who Liberated Belsen

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When British troops liberated Belsen, correspondents such as Richard Dimbleby made sure the world found out about the atrocities that went on there.

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