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Old New World: Episode 1

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Old New World: Episode 2

Item #: 185510

Old New World: Episode 3

Item #: 185511

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Old New World

The Series Includes : Old New World: Episode 1 | Old New World: Episode 2 | Old New World: Episode 3
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Lucinda Lambton has had a long love affair with America. In Old New World, she travels through the vast continent in search of a European heritage that has survived the test of time. She travels from Kentucky to Connecticut meeting her extended family who recount colourful stories of her ancestors. She visits an Irish American bar in Manhattan and a Greek soda fountain in Indiana. As Lucinda travels through farmlands and cities, a recurring image arises in every site she visits. It is that of an Old World still thriving in a vast, powerful nation.

Item#: BVL185512

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