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Ellis Island (06:11)


Historian Lucinda Lambton travels to Ellis Island; her great-grandmother Helen Livingstone was a nurse at the arrival station. Many immigrants were deemed too sick or feeble minded and did not make it past the island.

Rokeby House (07:56)

Lucinda visits the house in upstate New York; it was built in 1811 by a member of the Livingstone family. The family played an important role in early American politics.

Magnolia, Mississippi (09:36)

Lambton travels to the small town to meet the descendant of two Lambton brothers who moved to America in the 1740s. Lucius Lampton grew up hearing about the English side of the family, who spell the name with a "b" instead of a "p."

Lampton Company (02:04)

The Lamptons of Mississippi operated a chain of general stores. Lucinda visits the remaining store in Columbia.

Mark Twain (03:36)

Lucinda travels down the Mississippi after discovering Mark Twain was a distant cousin. Twain's childhood home is in a museum in Missouri.

Twain's Legacy (05:29)

Lucinda visits Twain's home in Hartford, Connecticut, built in 1874. Though his writing was a break from European literature, his home was designed in a traditional English style.

Kentucky Cousins (07:51)

Lucinda visits a distant cousin in Louisville, Kentucky. The Lambton brothers who moved to America settled in Kentucky before going to Mississippi. The Kentucky Lamptons operate a horse farm.

American Lamptons (05:35)

Lucinda gathers the Kentucky and Mississippi Lamptons in Missouri. They attend a ceremony for the laying of a new gravestone for Benjamin Lampton, Twain's grandfather.

Credits: Old New World: Episode 3 (00:44)

Credits: Old New World: Episode 3

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Concluding historian Lucinda Lambton's tour of America. She discovers how the "b" in Lambton became a "p." She travels to Missouri, Connecticut, New York, Kentucky, and Mississippi, and finds that Mark Twain, the father of American literature, was a Lampton, and that the Livingstone family, who signed the U.S. Constitution, were also family members.

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