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Christopher Columbus' Chapel (04:01)


Just off the highway in Pennsylvania, sits Columbus' family chapel, filled with religious items and texts from Europe. English historian Lucinda Lambton travels America in search of its European past. A descendant of Columbus' married a Pennsylvania architect and soldier, who built the chapel.

Shirely Plantation (05:21)

The plantation in Virginia was built in 1653, in the English-style its owner Edward Hill was familiar with. The Hill family was one of the first successful cultivators of tobacco in Virginia.

McShorley's Old Ale House (05:53)

The ale house was founded in 1854. John McShorley styled it after Irish pubs at the time and it catered to many Irish immigrants in New York.

Marblehead, MA (05:37)

Marblehead was founded as a fishing village in 1629 and quickly became one of the most prosperous colonial towns. Wealthy residents of English descendant built their homes in the English style.

Early German Settlers (04:55)

Some of the first German immigrants were Lutherans who settled in Maine in 1739. They initially struggled with the thick forest landscape and harsh winter; many fought in the American Revolution. A German church, built in 1772, still stands.

Rugby, Tennessee (06:04)

The city was built in 1880 as an education center for the sons of English gentlemen. The colony included a Victorian-era lending library that housed books from prominent English writers. Poor agriculture practices caused the colony to fail.

Seelbach Hotel (04:39)

German brothers opened the hotel in Louisville, Kentucky in 1905. It included a German-style beer hall that stayed in operation as a speakeasy during Prohibition.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery (05:20)

Anheuser-Busch Brewery company has been making beer in St. Louis since 1891. The brewery was built in a German architectural style, and includes detailed ornaments and ironwork.

Zaharakos (02:39)

In Columbus, Indiana, a Greek soda fountain that opened in 1900 is still in operation. It is also an ice cream parlor and confectionery.

Gracanica Monastery (04:15)

In Three Lakes, Illinois. Serbian Americans built a replica of the Orthodox church that dates back to 1321. The building was finished in 1999.

Credits: Old New World: Episode 2 (00:13)

Credits: Old New World: Episode 2

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Historian Lucinda Lambton tours America in search of the traditions and heritage that have survived into the 21st century. America's European past has survived, sometimes in dramatic fashion, to reveal the social and cultural heritage of its communities. Examples include an English settlement in Massachusetts, an early-German meeting house in Maine, a Greek soda fountain in Indiana, and an Irish-American bar in Manhattan. Meanwhile, the Anhauser Busch Brewery in St Louis and Virginia's Shirley Plantation also display strong European origins.

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