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Revolutionary Operation (02:53)


Julie Hill is paralyzed from the waist down. In 1994, she undergoes an operation to implant a device that will allow her to move her legs.

Movement Progression (02:08)

Hill can move her legs five days after the implant.Tim Perkins devises a program to tell the implant which muscles to use. Hill shows more progress six months later.

Muscle Balance (06:12)

Hill can stand at the press of a button by July 1997, but she cannot stand straight. Researchers determine how to stimulate the correct balance of muscles for each movement she wants to make.

Exercise and Walking Test (06:28)

Hill has become more active since her procedure. A computer program allows her to exercise her legs and prevent muscle deterioration. After years of effort, she is ready to test Perkins’ walking program.

Medical Technology Advancements (10:27)

Following a setback, Perkins develops a program that allows Hill’s legs to mimic a cycling pattern. Eight years after her accident, Hill enjoys a bike ride with her sons. Perkins is optimistic the technology can help paraplegics around the world.

Credits: The Bionic Woman (00:53)

Credits: The Bionic Woman

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Paralyzed below the waist after a car accident five years ago, Julie Hill was the first person in the world to receive a permanent electronic implant that has literally put her back on her feet. The implant stimulates her muscles electronically, enabling her to stand, and eventually walk. Soon she will be able to cycle. This program records her every step, as she overcomes her handicap to take on the world. Filmed over five years, this is a story of intense effort, of ups an downs and, for Julie, a final triumph.

Length: 30 minutes

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