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Growing Support for Homeopathy (02:11)


Homeopathy was born more than 200 years ago and thrives today, despite promoting beliefs that are diametrically opposed to established medical science. Alternative medicine is booming in Britain where homeopathic remedies are especially in demand, and even members of the royal family are fans.

Homeopathic Hospitals and Principles (03:31)

Doctors at homeopathic hospitals take personality into account when treating patients. Their medicine is made from plants and minerals that are diluted in stages. Founder Samuel Hahnemann believed diseases could be cured with substances that produced similar symptoms, what he called “curing like with like.”

Debunking and Defending Homeopathy (03:27)

Millions of Britons turn to homeopathic cures each year, claiming miraculous results. David Colquhoun, a professor of pharmacology, explains why the belief that diluting medicines makes them more potent is absurd. Prof. James Payne attributes homeopathy’s successes to the placebo effect.

Proof That Homeopathy Works? (04:40)

David Reilly of Glasgow Royal Infirmary explains a 1983 study he conducted that yielded surprising results. Patients who suffered from hay fever were treated with homeopathic cures and placebos, and the former showed a statistically significant positive result.

Homeopathic Veterinarian (09:32)

Christopher Day treats animals with homeopathic cures. He treats a dog that suffers from a skin condition that has been resistant to traditional cures. English farmers turn to homeopathic cures for mastitis, new forest eye, and other chronic diseases that affect cattle.

More Testing Needed (05:25)

Few convincing medical trials have been done to test homeopathic claims due to the medical establishment’s disapproval. However, double blind studies have been conducted on homeopathic remedies for asthma and fibrosis. Many cures seem to work though it is unclear why.

Credits: Homeopathy - Medicine or Magic? (00:33)

Credits: Homeopathy - Medicine or Magic?

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Taking two tablets with a glass of water is one thing, but diluting two drops of a drug in a bath full of water hardly sounds like potent medicine. Yet homeopathic doctors prescribe medicines diluted in more than a million, million, million parts of water. Doctors and vets claim spectacular achievements with such remedies, and scientific trials are producing results that are not easy to explain.

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