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Anna Galliano and Asur Saribal (02:59)


Galliano was a 20-year-old student in 1995 when she traveled to Bodrum, Turkey for a two-week vacation with her brother, Michael. He introduced her to the bartender at the hotel. Galliano and Saribal hit it off and got engaged a few months later.

Life at College (02:30)

Galliano began attending Brunel University in London and seemed to forget about Saribal. She entered a new relationship and received angry correspondence from Saribal. Galliano decided to return to Turkey and end their relationship in person.

Return to Turkey (03:19)

Galliano went to Bodrum over Christmas break. Saribal arranged for them to stay at a friend’s apartment in Istanbul. Galliano collapsed while walking to a bus stop and was taken to a hospital, where she died.

Galliano's Death (01:56)

Galliano's father traveled to Istanbul to bring her body back to London. Saribal received a visa so he could attend Galliano's funeral in London.

Saribal's Asylum (03:57)

The Galliano family did not see Saribal after Anna's funeral. He applied for political asylum for various reasons under a false name. BBC's Edward Stourton traveled to Turkey to see if there was any truth to Saribal's claims.

Erzincan, Turkey (03:11)

Saribal's family is from a poor village in an area strongly affected by the war between the Kurdish PKK and Turkish forces; most families left for Istanbul. Stourton spoke with Saribal's family and realized he provided false information on his asylum application.

Saribal in Istanbul (06:30)

Saribal moved to the city at age 11 and stayed with an uncle. He told British immigration authorities that he was involved in the left-wing political group Dev Sol. Stourton did not find any evidence that he was involved in the group.

Human Rights in Turkey (04:10)

Saribal's statement to British authorities mentioned many human rights abuses by the Turkish government. His cousin was arrested and killed in a political prison, but Saribal told the British it was his father. His asylum claim was denied in 1997 but granted on an appeal in 2000.

Cause of Death (05:14)

British authorities considered Galliano's death when granting Saribal asylum; it was reported as suspicious to Turkish authorities. The Galliano family ordered another autopsy, which found a tear in Anna's liver and a bruise on her kidney, suggesting blunt force trauma.

Murder Charge (03:40)

Saribal was charged with Galliano's murder in 1998. Newly appointed District Prosecutor Sikret Cezik became interested in the case while looking through old files. It could have been grounds for the British to revoke his asylum, but they did not.

Death Investigation (04:56)

Experts investigated whether toxic shock syndrome was the cause of death, but found it unlikely. Investigators were unable to find a cause. Saribal married an Englishwoman while his murder case was pending in Istanbul.

Credits: Correspondent Europe: Desperately Seeking Asylum (00:30)

Credits: Correspondent Europe: Desperately Seeking Asylum

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