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Sandburg Sings (01:44)


Carl Sandburg sits with an acoustic guitar and sings a song regarding the state of Illinois.

Sandburg's Childhood (02:36)

Carl Sandburg discusses politics and recalls seeing a Republican torchlight parade. He is a six-year-old Republican.

Role if Literacy in Sandburg's Life (02:34)

In Carl Sandburg's book "Always the Young Stranger," he discusses his father's illiteracy and the role it played in their lives. Sandburg shares his views about reading, poets, and poetry.

Sandburg on Education (02:10)

Carl Sandburg respects his college professor, Philip Green Wright. Sandburg tells of his wanderings after college and his time spent in jail. He also discusses influences on poetry.

Sandburg's Poetry (02:06)

Carl Sandburg discusses the definition of poetry. He reads his poems "Phizzog" and "Snatch of Sliphorn Jazz".

Sandburg's Sterner Side (01:52)

Not all of Carl Sandburg's poems are whimsical. He shares his poem "A Couple".

Sandburg's Lincoln Books (03:18)

Carl Sandburg explains his writing process, reflecting on President Abraham Lincoln. Sandburg's rule is that he writes only books he is sure would have interested him earlier in his life.

Sandburg On Politics and Abraham Lincoln (02:10)

Carl Sandburg appreciates Abraham Lincoln's honest approach to writing and his strength of character. Sandburg shows disdain for impulsive speech.

Sandburg On Lincoln's Personality (03:13)

Carl Sandburg reflects on an article written about Abraham Lincoln. He admires Lincoln's understanding of the human spirit.

Sandburg Quotes Lincoln (02:56)

Carl Sandburg discusses Lincoln's attributes that mean the most. He quotes a letter Lincoln wrote to congress in 1862 and a letter to a Louisiana governor.

Sandburg's Appreciation for Words (01:43)

Carl Sandburg admires Lincoln for avoiding words in the Gettysburg Address that can be used for propaganda. Sandburg reflects on the trend of music.

Wrap Up and Credits: A Conversation with Carl Sandburg—From NBC’s Wisdom Series (02:30)

Carl Sandburg sings a song from Lincoln's era and says goodbye in the Nebraskan Prairie style. Credits: A Conversation with Carl Sandburg—From NBC’s Wisdom Series

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Although his father never learned to read and seemed to question the inherent value of literacy, Carl Sandburg’s mother loved books and encouraged their appreciation. Ultimately, Sandburg rose to the highest literary circles of his day—and yet he was able to come to terms with his father’s tradesman persona and view him as a man “superior to books.” So he says in this absorbing 1958 interview from the NBC archives. The conversation, steered by the network’s Director of Public Affairs Service Programs, Edward Stanley, encompasses early political experiences from Sandburg’s childhood; his college years and subsequent hobo wanderlust; his attempt to discover a basic definition of poetry; and detailed discussions centered on his Lincoln series. Sandburg also reads his poem “Phizzog” and performs folk songs. Original broadcast title: A Visit with Carl Sandburg. (29 minutes)

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