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Aerial Law Enforcement: Early History (11:43)


British used “air control” to monitor colonies during the 1920s, and produced the fixed wing Edgley Optica in the 1970s. In the 1960s, police utilized helicopters to patrol roadways; the machines provided aerial viewpoints for roadblocks and car chases.

Combating Terrorism (04:45)

On October 31st, 1973, Irish Republican Army members hijacked a helicopter to break out leaders from the Mountjoy Jail. Aircraft provided transport to remote and guerrilla controlled areas in Central America. Law enforcement agencies formed special hostage rescue forces utilizing Boeing Vertol Chinooks.

Air Exclusion Zones (07:07)

Sadam Hussein attacked Kurds and Shiites after the Iraq War; the United Nations launched humanitarian operations and created no-fly zones. In March 1993, a no-fly zone was created in Yugoslavia to deter Serbs.

War On Drugs: Origins (11:07)

Twenty percent of crime is drug-related; narcotics are smuggled into the United States in various ways. The Drug Enforcement Agency was established in 1973; it used helicopters and fixed-wing planes for reconnaissance, raids, transport, and back up.

War On Drugs: Resources (06:43)

The United States Coastguard and Customs Service assist in drug enforcement using the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye and Lockheed C1-30 Hercules for surveillance. Aerostat radar balloons monitor large areas; NORAD tracks all aircraft approaching North America. Traffickers smuggle product in small planes, subject to difficulties.

War On Drugs: Continuing Struggle (07:09)

Operation BAT was launched in the eighties to destroy air routes used by Caribbean drug smugglers. The collaborative effort used radar and communications systems; reconnaissance aircraft, chase planes, intercepting Blackhawks, and CH-53 Stallions allowed apprehension of suspect airplanes.

Credits: Law Enforcement From The Air (00:41)

Credits: Law Enforcement From The Air

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This episode of Century of Flight features the use of aircraft to combat terrorism, crime, and drug cartels. Learn how the British used air control to monitor Indian and Middle Eastern colonies.  Witness iconic car chases from the sky, and watch a reenactment of the apprehension of Caribbean drug smugglers.

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