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Marcel Duchamp: "The Large Glass" (01:56)


Marcel Duchamp discusses the symmetry of cracks in "The Large Glass".

Marcel Duchamp at Home in Philadelphia (01:30)

Marcel Duchamp discusses his painting "Nude Descending a Staircase." He offers insights on showing his artwork in different arenas.

Marcel Duchamp's Earliest Works (01:47)

Duchamp discusses the influence of impressionism and structural art.

Duchamp Reinvents His Style (02:40)

Marcel Duchamp describes his transition away from Impressionism toward a Cubist, and then post-Cubist, approach.

Duchamp's "Chocolate Grinder" (02:26)

The mechanical side of a chocolate grinder intrigues Marcel Duchamp. He plans out each piece of artwork.

Duchamp's Daily Job (02:15)

Marcel Duchamp worked as a librarian in Paris. He believes there are two kinds of artists, those who paint for money and those who paint for themselves.

Painting for the Public (02:34)

Duchamp shares his thoughts on painting for an “ideal” public--a notion he clearly distinguishes from ivory-tower elitism. He discusses developing taste.

Marcel Duchamp on "Readymades" (01:37)

Marcel Duchamp discusses his art made from common items assembled together.

Marcel Duchamp: 1923 Literary Movement (03:09)

Marcel Duchamp shares his friendship with a poet. Duchamp and Walter Arensberg create the Society of Independent Artists

Duchamp Compares Life to Art (03:35)

Marcel Duchamp's art is always changing. Painting is a means of expression beyond the visual.

Duchamp's Valise (04:06)

Marcel Duchamp carries miniature reproductions in a small case. Along with these portraits, he has 12 different drawings to watch on a Victrola.

Credits and Wrap-up :A Conversation with Marcel Duchamp-From NBC’s Wisdom Series (01:31)

Marcel Duchamp believes art is the only true expression of man as an individual. Credits: A Conversation with Marcel Duchamp-From NBC's Wisdom Series

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Filmed amidst the Arensberg collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where 35 works by Marcel Duchamp are gathered, this 1956 NBC interview features the artist talking with James Johnson Sweeney, former director of the Guggenheim Museum. Duchamp describes his transition away from Impressionism toward a Cubist, and then post-Cubist, approach, providing commentary while standing before Nude Descending a Staircase (“I was not aware of Italian Futurism when I painted it”) and The Large Glass (“The two crackings are symmetrically arranged and there is…almost an intention there…a ready-made intention, in other words, that I respect and love.”). These concepts are paradoxically, although quite logically, articulated alongside his desire for “dryness” and mechanical precision. Viewers also gain insight into Duchamp’s thoughts on painting for an “ideal” public—a notion he clearly distinguishes from ivory-tower elitism. (29 minutes)

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