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Teacher Trainees (04:23)


Lee, Ged, Ian, Paula, and Lisa are training to become secondary school teachers. More than 600 people are studying to become teachers at Manchester Metropolitan University. The teachers are sent into the classroom a few weeks into their training course.

Teacher Training Program (05:28)

Lisa prepares for her first day as an art teacher. To attract more people to the program, the British government pays teachers for the training course. Paula says she wanted to become a musician but needed a career to pay off her debt.

Second Career Teachers (05:45)

Ian has been an industrial chemist for 10 years and is now training to be a science teacher. Ged is training to become a history teacher after years of working as a salesman. He worries he has been out of school for too long and will not connect well with students.

First Team Lesson (04:41)

Lee worries students will not take him seriously. After two weeks of observations, he prepares to teach his first lesson with another teacher.

First Solo Lesson (03:37)

Lisa prepares to teach her first lesson by herself in a new school. She worries about keeping control of the class.

Teaching Struggles (04:38)

Paula is confident in her ability to teach but does not think the students like her. Teacher educator Anne Colley knows in-classroom training can be the most difficult time for teacher trainees.

Credits: Class Act: Episode 1 (00:31)

Credits: Class Act: Episode 1

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Class Act: Episode 1

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Meet some of the trainees from the 600 wanna-be teachers at the Metropolitan University in Manchester. In just 10 months, some of them will have jobs teaching at secondary schools. But they are warned that "for every person who wants to teach, approximately 30 do not want to learn." After only two weeks at the university, the trainees are sent in to school to watch other teachers at work. For beauty therapist and hairdresser Lisa, it’s a dream come true. But for 21-year-old Paula, being in the classroom proves difficult, especially when she overhears some of the pupils’ rather personal comments. After two weeks of observing others, 21-year-old Lee gets ready to team teach his first lesson. He has to give a lesson on volcanoes, which he’s never studied before. But he’s more worried about how the kids will react to his youthful appearance.

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