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Eleanor Roosevelt: Archetype of the Twentieth Century Woman (03:39)


Roosevelt discusses the expectations of the UN and peace. She believes the rich are obligated to the poor.

Women's Suffrage and Republicans (02:32)

Eleanor Roosevelt took no interest in women's suffrage until after her marriage to FDR. She shares her awareness of political parties and the role her family played in them over the years.

Remembering Theodore Roosevelt (02:15)

Eleanor Roosevelt shares her memories of Theodore Roosevelt. She reflects on his love of physical activities, reading, and politics.

Criticism of Eleanor Roosevelt (03:00)

Roosevelt suffers criticism for participating in activities that other First Lady's do not. She also recalls how her husband did not hold her to any set of behaviors or object to her extended speaking tours.

Roosevelt's Greatest Accomplishments and Mistakes (02:29)

Eleanor Roosevelt discusses Franklin Delano Roosevelt's accomplishments as president. She also shares her view on his greatest mistakes.

When a President is Incapacitated (02:25)

Eleanor Roosevelt discusses FDR's health in the later part of his presidency. She discusses the need for legislation to provide for when a president is in ill health and can no longer lead.

Reflecting On Russian Society (02:32)

Eleanor Roosevelt reflects on the Cold War and discusses her opinion of the Russian attitude towards politics.

Eleanor Roosevelt on Communism (02:38)

Eleanor Roosevelt expresses her thoughts on allowing communists in the United States. She says McCarthy "Did us harm that way." She talks about first class treatment afforded foreign officials.

Eleanor Roosevelt on Her Talks with Khrushchev (03:48)

Eleanor Roosevelt says she believes Russia has ruled out a nuclear war. She says Russia wants a world that is a going concern. She sees young Americans struggling to gain a genuine knowledge of the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt on Conformity and American Materialism (03:15)

Eleanor Roosevelt wants to see gifted people going into government service. She believes in open minds and expression of thought. Intellectual, moral, and spiritual contributions of character are what matter. She believes that although Americans focus on materialistic things, they understand values.

Credits: A Conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt—From NBC’s Wisdom Series (00:33)

Credits: A Conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt—From NBC’s Wisdom Series

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A Conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt—From NBC's Wisdom Series

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From her privileged family background to her passion for social activism, this 1959 NBC program touches on a wide range of Eleanor Roosevelt’s memories, concerns, and goals. The former first lady points out that she took no interest in women’s suffrage until after she was married and because FDR favored it, but she also recalls how her husband did not hold her to any set patterns or object to her extended speaking tours. Acknowledging FDR’s unwillingness to support an anti-lynching bill, Roosevelt says her husband’s greatest accomplishments were the actions he took to overcome the Depression, restoring the self-confidence of the American people, and the continuation of atomic research. His biggest mistakes, in her view, were his attempt to reform the judicial system and his involvement in certain elections. (29 minutes)

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