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Introduction to Pearl S. Buck (03:06)


Ms. Buck, a Nobel laureate, chats with her daughter-in-law as the two settle down to discuss her life since leaving China. Ms. Buck discusses her home and reflects on human relationships and Chinese culture.

Pearl S. Buck's Parenting Style (02:33)

Ms. Buck discusses her methods for raising children and discipline. She values and respects the influence of the older generation.

Family Life in China (02:26)

Pearl S. Buck discusses the influence of Confucius on family life. She shares the rules of behavior and principles.

Communism Breaks Up Family Life (01:55)

Pearl S. Buck shares how Communists separate mothers and fathers and limits family exposure. The Russian pattern of Communism prevails in China.

Ms. Buck Laments America's Stance in Asia (02:49)

Pearl S. Buck reflects on the irony of the United States standing for freedom and democracy yet allies to France and the Netherlands. She shares her opinion of the wisest men of the ages in China.

Writing Style and Inspiration (03:14)

Pearl S. Buck thinks in Chinese, then translates to English as she writes. She shares her motivation for writing "Command the Morning" and "Sons".

Pearl S. Buck's Childhood (02:47)

Ms. Buck discusses the Feast of the Golden Lanterns and Chinese theater. She says that her childhood was wrapped in a golden haze of pleasures.

Living as a Minority (02:04)

Pearl S. Buck discusses what it was like to have blues eye and blond hair in China. She empathizes with the plight of minorities and strongly disagrees with prejudice. She supports an adoption house with mixed race children.

Balance in Politics and Art (03:39)

Pearl S. Buck discusses the difference between Western and Chinese Missionary graduates. She shares her insights on Chinese art and literature.

We are All of One World (03:25)

Pearl S. Buck discusses the role of women in society. She believes that the Orient can teach us how to live together. Pearl S. Buck believes that the Orient can teach us how to live together.

Credits: A Conversation with Pearl S. Buck—From NBC’s Wisdom Series (00:41)

Credits: A Conversation with Pearl S. Buck—From NBC’s Wisdom Series

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A Conversation with Pearl S. Buck—From NBC's Wisdom Series

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Although China was her home for many years, Pearl S. Buck was ultimately forced to leave the land that shaped much of her worldview. In this 1959 NBC program, the Nobel laureate speaks from the Pennsylvania home in which she and her second husband, Richard Walsh, settled. The author shares memories of her early years in China, reflecting on the beauty of traditional customs and festivals. She discusses basic contrasts between Asian and Western cultures, including sizeable differences between methods of raising children and the control which women may or may not wield over their households. Focusing on global issues, she laments the spread of Communism while strongly disagreeing with the stance taken by America in armed struggles between Asian nations and European colonial powers. (29 minutes)

Length: 30 minutes

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