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Stabbing Victim (04:12)


Emergency medical technicians treat a stabbing victim. Such response officers are at the front line of urban policing. Working out of Brighton’s central police station, their priority is to respond to emergency calls.

Rolling Police Shifts (04:33)

Response officers provide Brighton with around-the-clock coverage. They spend the minimum amount of time possible at each site, knowing they have a full queue of incidents that need attention.

Vulnerable Elderly Population (03:16)

Brighton has a large retired community like many seaside towns. Response officers assist an elderly couple that has been robbed, suspecting the perpetrator is behind a similar incident in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Juliette Burstow investigates a stolen vehicle that has been located.

Drunk Tourists (05:00)

Tourists flock to Brighton’s seafront during the summer, some lured by the city’s reputation as a fun place to party. Officers assist one such reveler who stands drunk and naked on a city street, shackled to a railing. Then CCTV spots a fight outside of a nightclub.

Violent Crime on the Rise (05:24)

Brighton’s violent incidents doubled from the previous year last summer, and there were 62 recorded assaults on police over a four-month period. Officers discuss related concerns. Brighton police deploy an extra van on weekend nights to deal with the spike in violence.

Avoiding Injuries to Offender (05:19)

A young man who is regularly in trouble is reported to be damaging his mother’s house. The suspect climbs onto the roof in a misguided attempt to escape. Officers focus on the perpetrator’s safety as they attempt to de-escalate the incident.

Credits: Brighton Bill: Emergency (00:25)

Credits: Brighton Bill: Emergency

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This is the first of six documentaries that take an intimate look at the policing of a community and the daily pressures experienced by the Brighton Police Department's emergency response unit, which prioritizes emergency calls. On this episode, Sergeant Richard Siggs is called to the scene of a stabbing.

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