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Introduction: Operation Otter (01:50)


Training is underway for one of the largest operations Sussex Police has ever mounted. They expect 30,000 delegates and a wide array of protestors for the Labor Party Conference. The operation is aimed at minimizing threats.

Brighton Hotel Bombing (02:28)

Police specifically want to avoid incidents like the 1984 bombing. Police must search and seal 610 hotel rooms and at least 1,200 television sets to ensure such an attack is not repeated.

Deliveries and Protestors (02:11)

Every item for the conference enters an inflatable tent where it is examined and x-rayed. Police receive a briefing on how to cope with the thousands of demonstrators expected to march through Brighton’s streets.

Brighton Metropole Hotel Search (02:25)

A specialist search team must search the lowest levels of the hotel for anything suspicious. Another part of the team searches a nearby roof.

Concerns and Public Reception (04:18)

A rocket attack on MI6 prompts Brighton police to step up security. Hector the sniffer dog searches private flats above the Metropole. Bernie and Tony Lowery recall the previous Labor Party Conference; delegates arrive and the public adjusts to checkpoint barriers.

Silver Patrol (05:42)

Silver Control oversees Operation Otter logistics. Inspector Alan Costello briefs officers on primary duties; they receive riot gear. Demonstrators march down the streets, and a rapid-response team investigates a suspicious motorbike.

Countryside Alliance (04:12)

Silver Control Superintendent Mark Streater lists the various protest groups expected onsite. Video cameras discourage offenses and will provide evidence; police make 12 arrests.

Conference Threat (05:03)

Officials locate a suspicious package at a McDonald’s. Police cordon off the area and conduct a controlled explosion. The Lowerys discuss watching the conference.

Credits: Brighton Bill: Operation Otter (00:31)

Credits: Brighton Bill: Operation Otter

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No chances are taken since 1984 Brighton hotel bomb; specialist teams begin searching Labor Party Conference site weeks before delegates arrive.

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