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Operation Motown (04:19)


Kim Kensett reflects on the murder of her son, Jay, who was stabbed to death at age 16. In Brighton, youths are responsible for a quarter of all thefts. The police have begun an operation to deter gangs that are causing trouble in the city center.

Troubled Youth (07:06)

Teens Nikki and Rita have been in trouble at school and at home. James has been in trouble with the police and is under the care of social services. He has lived in 19 different homes in 12 months but says he is happy with his latest foster mom.

Kids Acting Out (03:51)

Kids from Whitehawk Estate continue to cause problems despite the work of Operation Motown. Nikki is with her boyfriend, Michael, and does not want to come home. James has gotten so drunk that his foster mother has had to call the police.

Remembering Jay Kensett (04:15)

Kensett’s friends meet at night to commemorate his birthday near the spot where he was murdered. His family holds a more intimate gathering at his grave-site during the daytime. Meanwhile, Nikki’s mother, Christine, seeks professional help for her daughter.

Continuing Problems for Youth (04:43)

Nikki has a heated argument with her boyfriend on the phone. Christine contemplates one day getting the call that her daughter has been raped, murdered, or imprisoned. James goes missing after being taken to the police station but eventually turns up.

Scared Straight? (04:01)

Police have been called in to question Nikki who is suspected of using a stolen credit card. They search her room and take her down to the station for questioning, but take no further action against the teen.

Credits: Brighton Bill: Kids (00:26)

Credits: Brighton Bill: Kids

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The mother of a young offender is finding it increasingly hard to cope with her daughter's criminal activity. Juvenile crime is part of an ongoing problem in the area.

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