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Heroin Epidemic (06:55)


The Brighton-Hove metropolitan area has the highest number of heroin deaths in Britain. The city coroner’s office recorded 43 drug deaths over 12 months, 75% as a result of heroin. Police track a suspected drug dealer and prepare to make an arrest.

Steady Flow of Prisoners (02:38)

Addicts in need of a fix turn to crime, often shoplifting. Brighton police book a homeless repeat offender, Shaun, and assess his need for medical care. Users receive the opportunity to see a drug counselor in an attempt to reduce the cycle of offending.

Police Search for Evidence (01:45)

The drug team may have to release a prisoner unless they uncover evidence of drug dealing in his hotel room. They find heroin and over £6,000 in cash. Officers discuss the impact of taking a minor dealer off the streets.

Cycle of Addiction (05:43)

Arrest referral worker Sandeep meets with Hayley, an addict who was arrested. She receives bail in exchange for attending drug counseling sessions. Officers interrogate Shaun about shoplifting. Officer Dave Lovett discusses addiction.

Successful Drug Bust (03:20)

Officer Stuart Bannister’s team has identified a house where dealers have been operating. They raid the premises in search of heroin and crack cocaine. The sting is successful, and they make arrests.

Breaking the Cycle (01:44)

Shaun arrives at his drug counselor’s office. He worries he may lose his feet after a recent doctor visit. He is determined to stop committing crimes and going to prison.

Evicting Drug Dealers (01:58)

Brighton police return to a house they previously raided; drug activity continues. Drug dealing forces Stan Hooper’s parents to move from a house in which they lived for 39 years.

Drug Counseling (03:10)

Shaun discusses a traumatic event that sparked his cycle of addiction; he has managed to stay out of trouble. Bannister wants to catch bigger dealers. Officials board up the drug-dealing house and Hayley goes to prison.

Credits: Brighton Bill: Drugs (00:42)

Credits: Brighton Bill: Drugs

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Brighton and Hove have the highest number of heroin-related deaths in the UK.

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