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Coping with Incarceration (04:41)


This video will examine young people who have a loved one in prison. Amy studies music and English at university and has not seen her mother since she was convicted of manslaughter. (Credits)

Living in the Projects (04:20)

Dean wants to be a rap star but is currently unemployed. He describes living with family members. His father's most recent conviction was for handling stolen art worth over $750,000.

Engaged to a Convict (05:26)

Ann-Marie's older brother is Victor's best friend. Victor is incarcerated for assaulting a man who suffered multiple injuries. Family members discuss his imminent release from prison.

Parental Figure (04:18)

Cassie cares for Amy and her two siblings after their mother was arrested. Amy describes her mother and Nigel's turbulent relationship and frequent arguments. Amy has not visited her mom at a secure psychiatric hospital.

Visiting Day (04:17)

Amy travels to prison to see Victor and cannot wait until he returns home. Dean's father asks him to perform on a weekly radio show. "Art Saves Lives Community Interest Company" supports disadvantaged artists.

Contesting a Guilty Verdict (04:15)

Neelam lives in Birmingham with extended family. Her father is serving a 15-year-sentence for attempted murder. She takes care of her mother, who suffers from depression, and her grandmother and siblings.

Parole Preparations (03:28)

Ann-Marie exercises in preparation for Victor's return. The council does not approve an apartment application. Ann-Marie emphasizes she has never been in legal trouble.

Return to University (05:05)

Amy meets Amanda at the horse-riding club. Amy and Sean speak at a conference of social workers to explain why they do not want to contact their mother.

Fighting Father's Conviction (02:37)

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) decides which cases can be appealed. Neelam attends a protest and delivers a letter demanding an update.

Rift Between Father and Son (02:49)

Dean and his dad explain why their relationship fractured. The CCRC is still reviewing Arif's court case.

Serving the Full Sentence (06:05)

Victor will not be released on electronic monitoring and will spend another four months in prison. Dean talks to his father about how he has been affected by instability.

Plans for the Future (02:52)

Ann-Marie and Victor live together after he completed his full sentence. Amy gives Cassie flowers and a card for Mother's Day. Neelam hopes to secure an appeal for her father.

Credits: Prison, My Family, and Me (00:28)

Credits: Prison, My Family, and Me

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Prison, My Family, and Me

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What is it like when a family member gets locked up? How do you cope emotionally or financially? Can you really forgive someone who commits a terrible crime? This documentary film examines what it is like for family members when a loved one gets on the wrong side of the law. Filmed over 18 months, it follows the lives of four young people as they grapple with the challenges that come with loving someone who has been convicted of a crime. Prison, My Family, and Me is a moving, powerful and distinctive perspective on crime through young people's eyes, revealing their courage and determination to overcome adversity.

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