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Miner (02:38)


A miner describes his dangerous and sometimes pitch-black working conditions. He says trust is essential to doing his work.

Toilet Cleaner (02:33)

A woman who cleans bathrooms for a living says she was embarrassed when she first took her job. She says there is more work to be done in the men's restroom.

Prostitute (03:41)

A sex worker describes what she likes about her profession. She prefers having sex with a stranger and being paid well for it than being abused by a husband. She also enjoys the freedom her profession allows her to have.

Abattoir (03:11)

A slaughterhouse butcher uses a captive bolt pistol to kill a cow. His job involves its share of gore, but he tries to keep his workplace as neat and tidy as possible. He marvels that many take the source of the meat they eat for granted.

Maggot Farmer (03:08)

A maggot farmer harvests the creatures that munch on the offal piling up at his warehouse. He says he does not mind the smell or the constant buzzing of flies, and he would rather be eaten than buried or cremated when he dies.

Funeral Director (04:07)

A funeral director defends his profession as essential, noble and more stable than most jobs during bad economic times. He and his coworker think of their work as preparing the deceased for “a special journey.” The funeral home provides New Orleans-style funerals.

Receptionist (03:34)

An eccentric receptionist deals with pressure by laughing and joking with people. She does her chicken impression, which she was previously banned from doing at work. She thinks being the prime minister would be the worst job.

What is the Worst Job? (04:45)

A teacher asks her elementary school students what they want to be when they grow up and what jobs they would never want to do. The latter list includes mental hospital worker, slave, and teacher. The miner from the beginning of the film contemplates the worst job status of all?—unemployed.

Credits: Picture This: The Worst Job in the World (00:31)

Credits: Picture This: The Worst Job in the World

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Why are some people prepared to do, and even enjoy, work the vast majority of us would loathe? From an undertaker to a maggot farmer, from a toilet cleaner to a miner, and from a prostitute to a slaughterhouse butcher, these silent heroes exhibit a rich sense of humor in the face of danger and dirt, and a powerful pride in what they do.

Length: 29 minutes

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