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Recovering Working Mom (07:55)


Stephen Goldbart and other experts study the negative impact of sudden wealth created by Silicon Valley’s tech boom. Kathleen no longer has to work, but she finds home life surprisingly demanding. She turns to the Child & Family Institute for help.

Hiding Wealth (08:34)

Millionaires Susan and Mark Ellis are software designers who have recently made more than $20 million on dot-com stocks. Susan says she and her husband have kept their sudden wealth secret. She attends a $500 a day money therapy group.

Retired Entrepreneur (02:08)

Dana Bruttig lives on her own vineyard in the Napa Valley, north of San Francisco. The recent divorcee hosts a Fourth of July party for several of her neighbors. Her children, David, and Caitlin are in attendance.

Unexpected Inheritance (04:24)

Another beneficiary of the dot-com boom is Brian; his girlfriend, Janine, died of a heart attack and left him more than $2 million in tech stock. He enjoys being able to be more generous, but he is wary of resentment.

Kathleen's Help (04:50)

Kathleen lists the servants that work on her property, which include a housekeeper/nanny, a personal assistant, gardeners, and more. She sets up a meeting with her nanny agency, upset that she has to compete with her nanny for the affection of her children.

Brian Attends Group Session (03:26)

Brian still does his own laundry and dishes, and he scoffs at the idea of having servants. He attends the same money therapy group as the Ellises to deal with guilt he has experienced as a result of his inheritance.

Dana's New Beau (04:53)

Dana has gone on her first date in 22 years. She is impressed by her new boyfriend’s ability to bond with her children and his insistence on fulfilling a traditional male role. She shares an emotional story in group session.

Rich People Problems (02:12)

Brian drives through downtown San Francisco where, blocks from the financial district, the poor struggle to get by. He and an old work buddy have a couple of beers, marveling at affluent people’s dilemmas and the “parasites” that profit from them.

Giving to Charity (03:40)

The Ellises discuss philanthropy and how they plan to deal with people suddenly asking them for money. In Napa Valley, Dana has started contemplating her legacy and her own approach to charitable donation. She wants her children to remember her fondly and to influence others.

Kathleen Attends Support Group (05:46)

Kathleen has decided to attend a women’s group to cope with her feelings of isolation. She discusses the difficulty she has disconnecting from her old life and relating to her children. Brian describes what scares him about Silicon Valley’s new rich.

Credits: Modern Times: Affluenza (00:47)

Credits: Modern Times: Affluenza

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A new millionaire is born every 30 seconds in America's Silicon Valley. But this creation of wealth has brought with it a new sickness—"affluenza." Across the country, a whole generation of "experts" has emerged to help the rich cope with their sudden wealth. This documentary follows the mega-rich and the people who make a living from helping the rich be rich.

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