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Robert Moses: Physical Planner (01:08)


Moses career changes the face of New York's inner city.

Contribution and Role of Planning (03:09)

Robert Moses does not believe planning has reached the importance of a science. He shares his perception of planners as those who make pretty pictures but do not get anything done.

Robert Moses: Limited Objectives and Criticism (04:58)

Robert Moses believes that he works within limited objectives but uses his imagination. Moses discusses the role of being in a minority group and criticism.

Robert Moses on Progressive Planning (01:44)

Moses shares his thoughts about Dr. Parr and his statements regarding planning. Moses believes planning should be progressive.

Diplomacy in Business (03:37)

Robert Moses discusses his short reply in a letter and the word effectiveness. Moses readily acknowledges his reputation as an undiplomatic figure.

Education and Art in Planning (02:14)

Robert Moses discusses education and its application in business. Moses shares his opinions of statues in New York.

Leadership Brings Accomplishment (02:04)

Robert Moses discusses the city of Flint and the active role of leadership that led to the success of the town.

Los Angeles: City Without Heart (01:50)

Robert Moses discusses the challenges of Los Angeles in planning. A spreading population increases the cost of maintenance because there is no central location.

Reconstructing Western Europe (01:48)

Robert Moses discusses the reconstruction of Western Europe after the war. Grandiose ideas are futile if cities do not have the finances.

Planning and Population (01:41)

Robert Moses discusses the demands of the population as it grows. Planning needs to be prioritized.

Robert Moses on Philosophy and Reformers (02:57)

Robert Moses discusses the philosophy of Huxley. Moses believes he learned more from politicians than reformers. Ambition, humor, and human quality, are characteristics of leaders.

Wrap Up and Credits: A Conversation with Robert Moses—From NBC’s Wisdom Series (01:49)

Robert Moses shares why he remains working in the Planning industry. Credits: A Conversation with Robert Moses—From NBC’s Wisdom Series

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Over a desktop model of the Manhattan Bridge, Robert Moses speaks from his Babylon office in this 1959 NBC interview. Moses talks with landscape architect Gilmore D. Clarke about urban planning, its implementation, and its political and financial dimensions. Readily acknowledging his reputation as an undiplomatic figure, Moses advances his notion that planners are people who make “pretty pictures” and propose plausible, attractive ideas, but they are not people who get things done. He discusses Jones Beach, the Lincoln Square slum-clearing project, and Manhattan public art installations. Further discussion centers on planning in other cities, particularly Flint, Michigan, and Los Angeles, as well as conflicts he has observed between reform-minded and status quo politicians and planning challenges experienced by western European societies. (29 minutes)

Length: 30 minutes

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