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A unique opportunity to experience life inside an elusive community. Isolated in the midst of the world's highest mountain ranges, Tibet is one of the most remote, least accessible places on the planet. Bold, compelling and with unprecedented filming access, this series opens a window on the Tibetan town of Gyantse and its beautiful Baijin monastery. It is a town of two halves: part jumble of tiny streets with traditional wooden houses, part modern commercial centre - an intriguing mix of ancient and modern. Through a handful of powerful and engaging characters, follow the reality of daily life for ordinary people living in an extraordinary place - one of the most mysterious and secretive communities in the world. From the hotelier struggling to attract more tourists, to the village shaman who is worried that the rain cannon will put him out of business because the farmers no longer need him to placate the gods, this is a series that fascinates on both a human and emotional level.

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