Segments in this Video

Valera Speaks Little Irish (03:18)


Eamon de Valera introduces viewers to the Irish language. He jokes about women and secrets.

Gaelic League (02:46)

Eamon de Valera discusses the Gaelic League's role in the language movement and the Irish independence movement. He gives details of the Dublin uprising.

Ireland's Independence. (01:54)

Elections take place in 1918 and an overwhelming majority support establishing a Republic. Eamon de Valera is elected president and travels to America to seek financial help.

Eamon de Valera's Government Mission (02:09)

Eamon de Valera receives $6 million loan from America but fails to achieve recognition at that time. He discusses his partners in restructuring Ireland.

Eamon de Valera's Briefcase (01:43)

Eamon de Valera has carried the same briefcase since 1919.

Ireland's Serious Problems 1955 (02:38)

Eamon de Valera discusses the restoration of the Irish language, unity of Ireland, and dissolution of partition. He says that partition solves nothing.

Solution to Partition and America's Support (02:55)

Eamon de Valera believes and transfer of power to an all Ireland parliament well help restore unity. America gives a message of support to de Valera and the people of Ireland.

Ireland's Development 1955 (02:17)

Eamon de Valera seeks the development and use of natural resources and industries. He believes in religious tolerance.

Eamon de Valera and Peace (02:23)

Eamon de Valera belives small nations have a great interest in peace. He greatly admires Mahatma Gandhi and has been compared to Abraham Lincoln.

Eamon de Valera Disclaims Knowledge of Politics (02:09)

Eamon de Valera believes that noble means need practical ideas. He discusses the implications of war.

Irish Language Indicator (03:33)

Eamon de Valera explains the meaning of wearing an Irish Circle on one's clothing; it is an indicator Irish language knowledge.

A Saying for a Pure Ireland (01:05)

Eamon de Valera translates an Irish saying discussing God's council.

Credits: A Conversation with Eamon de Valera—From NBC’s Wisdom Series (00:16)

Credits: A Conversation with Eamon de Valera—From NBC’s Wisdom Series

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A Conversation with Eamon de Valera—From NBC's Wisdom Series

Part of the Series : The Wisdom Series: From the NBC Archives
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In this 1955 program from the NBC archives, Eamon de Valera—first president of the Republic of Ireland—converses with Grinnell College professor Curtis Baker Bradford inside Leinster House, the country’s parliamentary headquarters. De Valera discusses various facets of Irish life and events from preceding decades, including those that led to the Easter Rising in 1916, the partition of Ireland by a British act of parliament in 1920, his rise to elected office, and his subsequent visit to the United States. De Valera also sheds light on some of his political and cultural objectives, such as economic development and the restoration of the Irish language, as well as his feelings about Ireland’s position as a small nation, the dark implications of global warfare in the 20th century, and his admiration of Mahatma Gandhi. (29 minutes)

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