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Pelkor Chode Monastery (03:48)


The monastery has been a center of Buddhist learning for 600 years. This episode will feature Tsultrim running the monastery, Dondrup preparing for his next life, and Tsephun's possible expulsion. (Credits)

Monastic Influences (04:58)

The Chinese government limits the number of monks at each monastery; Tsultrim struggles to perform large ceremonies. Dondrup blames Tsephun for giving him diarrhea. The old monk describes going to prison for 16 years after the Red Guard destroyed scriptures during the 1960s.

Death of a Monk (03:15)

A monk blows a horn notifying others of the death. Tsultrim prepares for the sky burial. Funeral attendees laugh and talk while dissecting the body to ease the dead's passage.

Pilgrimage (05:48)

Dondrup and Tsephun shave their heads in preparation. Tsultrim describes the boy's maturation. The pair visits the Ganden Monastery, which has been rebuilt after it's destruction during the Cultural Revolution.

Sacred Site (02:20)

Tsephun and Dondrup visit the Jokhang Temple and watch pilgrims gather to pray. The old monk will regret taking the boy to Lhasa.

Losar (04:47)

Monks prepare for the holiday by making tormas, Tsultrim worries about Tsephun's behavior since returning from Lhasa. Monks from the Pelkor Monastery arrive to bless the home.

Dondrup's Final Pilgrimage (06:06)

Dondrup and Tsephun travel to Lake Namtso in Tibet. Tsultrim visits with his brother at the Potala Palace in Lhasa. The four natural elements are earth, fire, water, and air.

Possible Monastic Expulsion (05:48)

Dondrup summons Tsephun's father to the monastery after discovering trousers, a hairbrush, and hair clips. The boy retreats to the noodle house for three or four hours each evening.

Celebration Preparations (02:36)

Tsultrim assigns monks for the cham dance and making centerpieces. The outer circle of the mandala depicts human suffering on Earth. Dondrup asks Tsephun's family to take him home.

Saga Dawa (06:50)

Tsephun performs in the cham dance. Dondrup promises to expel the boy after the festival. Monks evoke the protection of benevolent deities; monks and villagers raise the Pelkor Thangka on the walls of the monastery.

Government Control (03:35)

The Chinese government does not permit students or officials to witness religious ceremonies. Tibetans are wealthier and more educated than in previous years. The monastery appoints Tsephun a new master.

Credits: A Year in Tibet: A Tale of Three Monks (00:30)

Credits: A Year in Tibet: A Tale of Three Monks

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A Year in Tibet: A Tale of Three Monks

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Deputy head lama Tsultrim has to juggle running the monastery whilst complying with a myriad of government restrictions.

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