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Food writer Stefan Gates returns for a second helping of programs that uses food as a way into controversial issues that affect people's lives in some of the most dangerous places in the world. In Burma, where civil war still rages, Karen villagers and rebels are hanging onto life by a thread. The post-apocalyptic area around Chernobyl now finds people living illegally on toxic land. When an old woman prepares a meal from produce grown in her garden Stefan is faced with a tricky dilemma. Deep inside the Arctic Circle Stefan spends time with Inuit, hunting seal and whale. He even gets to try the local delicacy - 18 month old rotten walrus. In Bihar, India's poorest state, Stefan meets the 'Untouchables' and joins them in eating their main source of protein - roasted rat which they have caught from the fields. In Venezuela Stefan discovers a dangerously polarised country and investigates how President Chavez uses food as a political tool and whether his reforms are actually making a difference to the country's poorest people.

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