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Dalits in Rural India (07:37)


Food writer Stefan Gates visits India, where the strict caste system still keeps the lowest level, the Dalits, poor and lacking food. A mixture of animal dung and straw is the main energy source for cooking. Most Dalit families work harvesting rice for landowners of a higher caste.

Musahar in Rural India (02:12)

The Musahar, or rat eaters, are the lowest rung of the Dalit class. They work catching rats that can harm the rice crops and are allowed to keep the rats for food. Gates eats a rat that was caught and roasted in the field.

Indian Caste Conflict (03:17)

An upper caste army, funded by landowners, is fighting members of the lower caste, who have armed themselves due to lack of food. Gates meets with members of the upper caste militia group at a secret location.

Caste Differences in India (05:45)

Making it to a large city is one of the few ways for Dalits to escape poverty. Gates sees the caste system in place on the 27-hour train journey to Mumbai.

Wealth in Mumbai (04:14)

Mumbai is home to Bollywood and much of India's growing middle class, which has led to an emergence of wealth in the city. Gates visits Indigo, the most exclusive, fine-dining restaurant. A wealth divide has replaced the caste system in places like Mumbai, where many Dalits from rural areas live in massive slums.

Dalit Chances in Mumbai (04:23)

Gates meets with a Dalit who was able to lift his family out of poverty by becoming a dabbawala, who delivers home-cooked meals to office workers. Though there is less discrimination in Mumbai, some Dalits are still mistreated by higher castes.

Credits: Cooking In The Danger Zone: Series 2: India (00:46)

Credits: Cooking In The Danger Zone: Series 2: India

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In Bihar, India, Stefan Gates joins the Dalit in the fields, catching rats to eat. He also tracks down an upper caste army on a patrol of the landowners' fields hunting for Dalit stealing grain, and heads to Mumbai to experience the high life.

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