Segments in this Video

Poetry Written With Courage (03:40)


Robert Frost speaks about the courage of insufficient knowledge. He discusses the activities that mold character.

Robert Frost's Success in Publishing (02:54)

Robert Frost's first book was published in England. He reflects on his success and happiness and joining Henry Holt and Company. Frost recites his poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."

Robert Frost on Interpretations of his Works (01:54)

Robert Frost reflects on the interpretations of his work. He is grateful for the patronage and positive support received throughout his career.

Robert Frost Labeled By Critics (02:06)

Robert Frost discusses labels and shares his personal perception of the type of poet he is. He reflects on nature's beauty and cruelty.

Robert Frost on Politics (03:06)

Robert Frost reflects on the life of his father. He compares his parenting and political attitudes to those of his father and expresses his mixed opinions about Republicans.

Poetry: Small but Vital (02:55)

Robert Frost expresses his satisfaction with the division of politics and poetry. He believes poetry is neglected but that is a positive thing.

Poetry and the Point of the Past (03:07)

Robert Frost discusses his satisfaction with literature. He discusses the meaning of optimism, the faults of science and his having hopes for the present and the past.

Frost's Political Freedoms (02:02)

Robert Frost's shares his view on upper and lower classes; he is not interested in political freedom but the liberties he takes.

"The Drumlin Woodchuck" (02:09)

Robert Frost recites "The Drumlin Woodchuck." He believes that we build our foundation on too much.

Robert Frost on Originality and Initiative (02:29)

Robert Frost believes that freedom is a mystery. He discusses the desire for liberty and equality.

Robert Frost on the Freedom in Being Bold (02:10)

Robert Frost shares his definition of real internationalism. He discusses boldness, security and caution.

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Featuring Robert Frost at his home in Ripton, Vermont, this 1952 program from the NBC archives opens out in the fields with the poet feeding his horses, then moves to his living room where he proceeds to discuss topics spanning his long and fruitful career. Frost tells of his boyhood in San Francisco and his father’s participation in local politics; his family’s move to New England when he was still a boy, following his father’s death; the poet’s own political views, including his mixed opinions about Republicans; the importance of adversity in the development of art forms; his belief that poetry will likely always suffer from neglect; and his dim view of foundations supporting and rushing to the rescue of art, potentially rendering art a by-product. Frost also reads two of his poems: “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “The Drumlin Woodchuck.” (29 minutes)

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