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Igor Stravinsky: Composer (04:57)


Stravinsky sits at the piano with his protege creating a new piece. He discusses the process of touching and will.

Stravinsky Dominates Music for 50 Years. (02:28)

Igor Stravinsky composes nearly one hundred works ranging from ballets to jazz that often outrages audiences. He discusses craftsmanship.

Stravinsky's First Musical Experiences (03:13)

Igor Stravinsky first plays the scale on the piano and ponders creating a new scale. At seven, he starts piano lessons and at 14 he falls in love with his piano instructor.

Igor Stravinsky Discuses Korsakov (02:13)

Stravinsky does not study composition;he studies under Rimsky-Korsakov. He shares his thoughts and feelings about receiving Korsakov's tutelage.

An Interesting Period in Stravinsky's Life (01:59)

A large orchestra plays Igor Stravinsky's The Fireworks at St. Petersburg. Stravinsky discusses a request to write in the style of Chopin.

Scandalous Spring Music (02:34)

Igor Stravinsky wrote "the Firebird" and other musical pieces considered to be the most notorious musical events of the century.

Igor Stravinsky's Interest Changes (03:19)

Stravinsky changes focus from folklore to 18th century music. New elements become a part of his music.

Composing in Principles (02:15)

Igor Stravinsky discusses his eulogistic composition for Dylan Thomas and discipline.

Music Arouses Protest (03:25)

Igor Stravinsky shares his opinion on why the public opposes his approach to music. He professes his reasons for conducting.

Sound Stops Here (02:35)

Igor Stravinsky defines music is an organization of tones, an act of human of mind. He quotes Schopenhauer, in whose philosophy music is given a role distinct from other arts. One minute of Stravinsky at the piano is shown without sound due to music rights.

Credits: A Conversation with Igor Stravinsky—From NBC's Wisdom Series (00:23)

Credits: A Conversation with Igor Stravinsky—From NBC's Wisdom Series

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A Conversation with Igor Stravinsky—From NBC's Wisdom Series

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Famous for music that bewildered and, in some cases, even outraged the public, Igor Stravinsky was nevertheless a sincere and enthusiastic communicator when it came to discussing his work. This 1957 NBC program opens with the composer at his piano as he creates a “sketch” or initial concept for a new piece; it then records a detailed conversation between Stravinsky and his protégé, respected American musicologist and conductor Robert Craft. The Russian émigré contemplates his youthful studies under Rimsky-Korsakov; the hostility with which The Rite of Spring was received; his fondness for the Paris milieu that included Picasso and other members of the modernist avant-garde; his reasons for conducting his own work, whenever possible; and his eulogistic piece written for Dylan Thomas, originally intended as an opera. (30 minutes)

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