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Introduction: Doing Business in Mexico (01:22)


This video will examine several aspects of doing business in Mexico including history, economy, etiquette, business relationships, communicating, and negotiating.

Mexico: A Proud History and Culture (02:54)

Mexico has a diverse landscape and large population. Business visitors should go sightseeing. Important historical elements include the Aztec Empire, Spanish rule, and the Mexican Revolution. Mexico City is the epicenter of Mexican culture, business, and politics.

Mexico Today: Growing Rapidly (02:20)

The government consists of a president and two-house legislature. Major industries include manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, mining, and services. Mexico City is the center of business and society; traffic and air pollution are key factors.

Time and Patience (04:11)

Mexicans perceive time differently than other parts of the world and understanding Mexican values is helpful for success; family comes first. Mexicans often have long lunch breaks, but work later in the day, and view delays as fate. Learn tips about time.

Making Contacts: The Importance of Introductions (03:29)

When conducting business in Mexico, it is important to speak Spanish or employ a translator; ask before speaking English. Third party introductions increase the chances of success and local partners are beneficial.

Etiquette: Mind Your Manners (03:31)

Mexican business is more formal than in the U.S.; attire should be high quality and conservative. Learn tips for greeting associates and meetings.

The Business Relationship: People First (05:59)

In Mexico, business relationships are person-to-person; staff loyalty is to a person rather than the company. Learn tips for building rapport and meal etiquette; bribery can be a problem.

Communicating: More Than Meets the Ear (04:58)

Communication in Mexico tends to be physical, diplomatic, and subtle. Pay attention to context, content, and body language; interpreters are beneficial. Business women need to be aware of machismo.

Negotiating: A Focus on Generalities (03:17)

Subtle variation is an important aspect of negotiating in Mexico; identify the decision makers. Learn tips for progressing beyond generalities.

Credits: Doing Business in Mexico (01:23)

Credits: Doing Business in Mexico

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Doing Business in Mexico

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This program provides essential insights into the Mexican business market and its diverse people, considering how Mexicans see the world around them. Featuring role plays and visits to the offices of top global executives, it presents valuable advice on how to succeed and on recognizing when you're being told the whole story - and when you're not. The program considers the differences and norms of the Mexican culture; demonstrates proper Mexican business etiquette; discusses key elements to effective business communication in Mexico; and highlights the differences between American culture and Mexican culture.

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