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Cultural Conflicts (04:32)


In this scenario, Internet Retail Manager Diane King works with a global team in a virtual environment. Identify challenges that King and her team face; consider how they can overcome their differences.

Points of View (08:49)

Members of the virtual team share their perspectives and frustrations about communication. Review challenges of working in virtual teams.

Solutions (02:52)

Revisit the virtual team communication scenario in which members apply the correct cultural preparations. Be sensitive to traditional customs.

Credits: Building the Virtual Team (00:38)

Credits: Building the Virtual Team

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Building the Virtual Team

Part of the Series : Global Scenarios
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As businesses increasingly outsource operations across the globe, it's essential that employees learn how to work across technology with other cultures. To survive in business today, people need to master the often overlooked but potentially damaging impact of ancient culture on 21st century communications. Ideal for team building exercises, this program follows a group leader and the problems she faces as she struggles to lead her managers in Asia, India, Africa, and Latin America. It features real-world dramatizations and is designed to stimulate lively discussion and effective learning about modern technology and communicating in business.

Length: 18 minutes

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