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Introduction: Cross-Cultural Understanding (01:43)


Globalism increases the likelihood of professionals interacting with people from other cultures; adapting to differences will help one be more successful. This video examines effective cross-cultural understanding in seven sections.

Overview (04:38)

Today, people are more likely to interact with people from around the world. Recognizing and understanding differences increases success. Learn the factors of cultural development, steps to cultural sensitivity, and tips for how to behave.

Values (04:41)

To better understand people from other cultures, identify what they find important; religion is often at the center of values. Other determiners include accomplishment vs. life quality, harmony and collaboration vs. efficiency and competition, and a doing-focused society vs. a being-focused society.

Beliefs and Viewpoint (06:18)

Various cultures have different ways of perceiving the world. Key differences include the concept of fate, a society's relationship with the environment, following rules and laws, and cognitive styles.

Social Structure (07:05)

Various cultures have different ways of perceiving relationships and social structure. These include an individual focus vs. a group focus, egalitarianism vs. authoritarianism, personal vs. impersonal business relationships, and the role of women.

Time (07:00)

Various cultures have different ways of perceiving time. Variables include the emphasis of short-term vs. long term, slow-paced vs. fast-paced, the appropriate use of time, and the importance of deadlines.

Communication (04:17)

Various cultures have different forms of expression. Although English is typically the accepted language of international business, ask before using. Communication differences include direct vs. indirect and content vs. context.

Etiquette (07:11)

Understanding basic etiquette in various cultures improves the chances of success. Considerations include formal vs. informal behaviors, proper greetings and names, and behaviors that are offensive. Take the time to understand the culture you are visiting.

Credit: Cross-Cultural Understanding (00:37)

Credit: Cross-Cultural Understanding

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Cross-Cultural Understanding

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As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people need to develop better diversity skills. This program investigates all the key components of culture and communication, including values and beliefs, social structure, perceptions of time, communication styles, proper etiquette, and more. It is expertly designed for intercultural communication training and offers questions and role play exercises.

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