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Science of Behavior (01:59)


The Chubbuck Technique empowers actors to make dynamic choices in their characters. Ivana Chubbuck trains beginners and academy award winners to analyze overall and scene objectives. Stars she has mentored include Jake Gyllenhaal, Beyoncé Knowles, Judith Light, Halle Berry, David Spade, Meg Ryan, Charlize Theron, Djimon Honsou, and Brad Pitt. (Credits)

Objectives and Obstacles (04:54)

Take the pain of the character, personalize it, and use it to accomplish the character's objective. Chubbuck discusses how her poor childhood helped her become a success. Look at the character like a behavioral profiler; physical, emotional, and mental obstacles make it difficult to achieve objectives.

"Hustle and Flow" (03:42)

Chubbuck describes working with Terrence Howard who played a pimp. Overall objectives include giving the character a greater purpose and endowing other characters in the scene with personalized attributes from real life.

"Monster" (03:42)

Chubbuck describes how Theron embodied a serial killer using the character's real history. When a developmentally disabled man does not want violent sex, her motive is removed. Never judge the character.

"Behavior Tells the Truth" (03:12)

Chubbuck describes the character work she and Berry performed for "Monster's Ball." Inner monologue allows actors to change reality, revealing inner fears and biases.

Working with James Franco (03:09)

Chubbuck describes how she helped Franco enjoy acting again. Painful childhoods can turn into passion to change the world. Scene objectives should be about relationships not the plot.

Substance Abuse and Addiction (04:26)

Chubbuck describes how she and Beyoncé explored the character of Etta James. The acting teacher discusses making Jessica Biel's character likable in "Valentine's Day." Explore the character's history to create actions that make sense for the character.

"Training Day" (03:27)

Chubbuck describes how she and Eva Mendes explored Sara's desire to obtain power. Even small roles should have a journey of significance. Actors must feel like anything can happen in order to produce real life.

Working with Director and Screenwriter (03:09)

Chubbuck describes collaborating with Elisabeth Shue and Mike Figgis on "Leaving Las Vegas." In acting, imagination should be used to take reality to the next phase. People are paranoid beings.

Working with Biel (02:11)

Chubbuck describes collaborating with Biel on "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Erin wants to survive so she can experience life. Substitute characters with family members.

Preparing for an Audition (04:53)

Casting agents and directors will choose the actor who embodies the role. Individuals need to have an overall objective, substitution, and inner monologue ready; people get jobs because of how they behave between the lines. There are no rules, but use judgement.

Breaking into the Industry (02:59)

Study and take classes. Acting classes are a great way to network and make mistakes in a safe environment. Audiences laugh at what is seen not at what is heard.

Common Qualities in Successful Actors (02:31)

Work ethic is vital for creative industries. You cannot rehearse a scene enough. Make bold choices and increase the stakes.

12 Steps of Acting (04:32)

Chubbuck's 12 Steps of acting modernize other people's techniques. Create emotional heroes that are doing something about the pain they experienced in the past. Tell the story of a journey; duplicate dynamic people not victims.

Credits: The Power of the Actor: The Chubbuck Technique (00:48)

Credits: The Power of the Actor: The Chubbuck Technique

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