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Introduction to Bullying for Parents and Educators (02:33)


One woman shares how her daughter was shunned by classmates. Many states are requiring bullying prevention programs in schools. Every adult plays a role in prevention and intervention.

What is Bullying? (00:60)

About one third of U.S. children will be involved, either as bullies or victims. Bullying is repeated intentional aggressive behavior against a person with less power.

How Does Being Bullied Affect Kids? (02:03)

Bullying negatively impacts mental and physical health and academic success. Learn about warning signs. Many children believe adults cannot help. Those who bully feel entitled to hurt or exclude others.

How Does Bullying Affect Other Students? (01:29)

Children with high self-esteem feel entitled to exclude or hurt others. Bystanders often feel helpless. Cyber-bullying is more difficult to detect.

Do Adults Participate in Bullying? (02:07)

Hear how parents, teachers or administrators can inadvertently perpetuate bullying. Most students see adults as disengaged onlookers and lose trust.

How Can Schools Address Bullying? (03:20)

Comprehensive, school-wide bullying prevention programs establish protection through staff presence, student awareness of consequences, and bystander intervention. Hear components of effective programs.

How Can Parents Help? (03:40)

In an effective bullying prevention program, parents, teachers and administrators collaborate to keep children safe and teach right from wrong. Parents should be aware of their children's online activity. Schools should address parent concerns immediately.

Introduction to Bullying for Middle School Students (02:35)

Hear definitions of direct and indirect bullying and learn about negative impacts.

Anna's Story (02:43)

Popular girls bully Anna at her new school, including spreading rumors about her online. She is too embarrassed to tell adults. Finally, classmates notify a teacher and the girls face consequences.

Trent's Story (02:00)

Kids make fun of Trent for his sub-par basketball skills; the gym teacher fails to recognize the situation. Some classmates offer to help him practice. If you notice someone being bullied, intervene or report the behavior.

Credits: Introduction to Bullying for Middle Schools (01:11)

Credits: Introduction to Bullying for Middle Schools

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Introduction to Bullying for Middle Schools

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This engaging video introduces the topic of bullying and bullying prevention strategies using age-appropriate language and grade-specific concepts. A video for adults that describes what bullying is and how bullying prevention works is also included. This is an ideal component for schools using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

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