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Joel's Story (03:17)


Joel Dittman led a healthy, active lifestyle but experienced periodic heart palpitations and fluttering sensations. Primary care physician Dr. Louis Papa says these symptoms could indicate a pump or electrical issue. Emergency room testing indicated atrial fibrillation.

Understanding Atrial Fibrillation (03:10)

The upper part of the heart beats abnormally fast, causing palpitations. It is triggered by nearby nerves and increases clotting and stroke risk.

Treating Atrial Fibrillation (05:44)

The condition itself is not life threatening but doctors should consider stroke risk. Treatment options include medication to slow or regulate the heart rate, ablation, or installing pacemakers. Joel could not control stress triggers but his A-fib was intermittent.

Medical Innovations: Heart Implant (01:37)

Most atrial fibrillation patients must take blood thinners to prevent clots. Learn about a device implanted to block blood from flowing to an out pouch in the left atrium.

Catheter Ablation (03:46)

Joel did not like how his medication made him feel. His doctor recommended a procedure to block abnormal tissue from causing his atrial fibrillation. Dr. Sam Sears discusses the psychological impacts of A-fib.

Atrial Flutter Advances (06:00)

After catheter ablation and cardioversion, Joel's A-fib symptoms improved for several years. Palpitations returned; he underwent a second ablation for atrial flutter. Dr. Samuel Asirvatham discusses the latest research on A-fib causes and treatment options, including meditation and yoga.

Advice for Atrial Fibrillation Patients (01:12)

Joel recommends having a good doctor-patient relationship, discussing treatment options, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Credits: Atrial Fibrillation—Second Opinion (01:14)

Credits: Atrial Fibrillation—Second Opinion

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Unsure of the cause of his racing heart and extreme fatigue, Joel Dittman was finally diagnosed with a very common disorder, atrial fibrillation. As he shares his story, medical experts discuss the treatments that are available to help people with this condition lead full and active lives.

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