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Josselynn's Story (04:01)


Born a biological male, Jennifer Surridge's daughter Josselynn began identifying as a girl at age four. When she was ten, Jennifer realized she was transgender and attended a support group for families of children with gender identity issues.

Gender Identity and Mental Health (04:39)

Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Ximena Lopez started a clinic for transgender children. She discusses the harm in denying children their gender identities. The American Psychological Association now recognizes transgenderism as a normal biological process. Josselynn suffered depression with gender dysphoria.

Medical Innovations: Suppressing Puberty for Transgender Youth (01:43)

Children with gender dysphoria are at risk for mental illness as they go through puberty. Learn about a medication delaying Gonadotropin-releasing hormone and the development of irreversible physical traits.

Transgender Transition (03:31)

Josselynn loves to dance and would be traumatized by developing as a male. Lopez outlines psychological assessments for children experiencing gender dysphoria prior to prescribing puberty-delaying medication. She explains social and physical transitioning,

Social Transgender Transition (02:41)

Josselynn discusses her experience changing her name and pronoun to reflect her gender identity. Jennifer talks about supporting her in the process.

Transgenderism and Healthcare (03:24)

Reparative or conversion therapy is ineffective, leads to more suffering, and is considered psychologically unethical. Chromosomes, genitalia and hormones do not determine gender identity; 0.7% of the population is transgender but the phenomenon occurs on a spectrum.

Supporting Transgender Youth (03:02)

Surgery is not always necessary for a complete transgender transition; it depends on the individual. There is a 41% suicidal attempt rate among young people experiencing gender dysphoria, but parental and social acceptance mitigates this trend.

Advice for Transgender Families (01:54)

Josselynn recommends children and adolescents tell someone if they are feeling gender dysphoria. Jennifer advises parents to always support their children, regardless of their identity.

Credits: Transgender Health—Second Opinion (01:05)

Credits: Transgender Health—Second Opinion

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While many media outlets sensationalize and politicize issues surrounding transgender youth, this program looks at the issue from a truly medical perspective. Along with medical experts who specialize in working with families, Jennifer and Josselynn Surridge describe what it is like to come to terms with being a transgender person, and with being a mother of a transgender child. This story will help every viewer understand the issue in a way that is rarely explored elsewhere.

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