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Donna's Story (04:29)


Donna Smith's mother fell at 89 and 92, had emergency hip surgery, and became confused in the hospital. She says her mother was normally lucid. Learn about impacts of co-morbidities on older people recovering from surgery.

Understanding Hospital Delirium (05:17)

Donna's mother developed confusion and behavioral changes after surgery. In older people, underlying conditions and stress combine to affect the brain. The condition is common but under-diagnosed and increases the chance of death. Learn about assessment methods.

Medical Innovations: ACE Team (01:54)

Hospital delirium is brought on by environmental changes while being sick. Acute Care for the Elderly provides a team-based review of older adults when they are admitted and advocates sleep and non-pharmacological ways of addressing agitation.

Managing Hospital Delirium (04:00)

Doctors recommend keeping a family member with a patient suffering hospital delirium. Infections, certain medications, and the hospital environment may trigger confusion; glasses, hearing aids and clocks can help reorient patients. Donna advocated for staff to get her mother up.

Preventing Hospital Delirium (05:30)

After a hospital stay, Donna's mother continued to have confusion. Speech therapy helped. The Hospital Elder Life Program involves getting patients up, ensuring adequate nutrition and sleep, and reducing sedatives in the ICU. Panelists advocate spreading awareness that delirium is abnormal.

Raising Hospital Delirium Awareness (03:36)

Donna's mother passed away in a nursing facility at age 93. She hopes to educate others with elderly family members to advocate for their loved ones during hospital stays and prevent sundowning.

Credits: Hospital Delirium—Second Opinion (01:14)

Credits: Hospital Delirium—Second Opinion

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While caring for her mother, Donna Smith learned about hospital delirium for the first time. The family worked closely with her mother's medical team to get her out of bed, and eventually getting her placed in a rehab center. Hospital delirium is a grossly misunderstood issue in ICUs across the US, but Donna and the medical experts delve into the topic in a way that will help countless people who are unaware of the issue. Although the story has a sad ending, the information shared will help others face these challenges.

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