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Gabi's Story (03:47)


When she was 12, Gabi Thomas developed stomach pain and diarrhea after meals and lost weight. After a physical exam and colonoscopy, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

Understanding Crohn's Disease (04:04)

Inflammatory bowel disease occurs when the immune system cannot cope with stressors of food digestion. It is not an autoimmune disorder; causes are unknown. Steroids and the monoclonal antibody Remicade were ineffective for Gabi.

Deteriorating with Crohn's Disease (02:13)

Gabi's diarrhea progressed; she became malnourished and dehydrated. She was hospitalized and prescribed TPN to rehabilitate her bowel before surgery.

Medical Innovations: Biologic Therapy (01:37)

Learn about new antibodies targeting the body's inflammatory substances produced in Crohn's disease.

Surgery for Crohn's Disease (07:09)

Doctors suggested a colectomy for Gabi; learn about surgical options. After her operation, she became infected and developed sepsis. Panelists believe her malnourished state complicated the healing process.

Living with Crohn's Disease (04:42)

Gabi talks about healing after her colectomy. She attended a camp for young people with her condition and formed a support network. She has had two colectomies reversed and eliminated meat and dairy from her diet.

Advice for Crohn's Disease Patients (01:10)

Gabi recommends people educate themselves and recognize that each case is individual and may respond differently to treatment.

Credits: Crohn's Disease—Second Opinion (01:17)

Credits: Crohn's Disease—Second Opinion

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Crohn's Disease—Second Opinion

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Since the age of twelve, Gabi Thomas has been fighting the physical and mental effects of having Crohn’s disease. She explains her challenges over the last 15 years, which included several hospital stays, and being on the brink of death. While experts discuss current treatments for Crohn’s, Gabi shares her journey of healing—explaining why she has never felt better.

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