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Linda and Liam's Story (03:07)


Linda Moroney’s son experienced symptoms of thirst and fatigue that interfered with his sports. Their pediatrician found his blood sugar was in the 400s and sent him to the hospital.

Understanding Type I Diabetes (02:26)

The immune system is believed to destroy pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin, causing high blood sugar. Causes are believed both genetic and environmental.

Type I Diabetes Education (05:13)

Liam was hospitalized for three days; he recalls being hungry in the emergency room. Linda had to learn to check blood sugar and administer insulin. Liam's concern was to continue playing sports. Dietary restrictions have been challenging for the family.

Medical Innovations: Artificial Pancreas (01:40)

Learn about a device combining an insulin pump with continuous glucose monitoring for type I diabetes patients. This automates blood sugar management.

Type I Diabetes Technology (04:14)

Liam demonstrates his insulin pump, glucometer, and continuous glucose monitor allowing his parents to follow his blood sugar levels while he is at school and playing sports. This enables them to intervene before his blood sugar drops too low.

Blood Sugar Risks (04:55)

Continuous glucose monitoring helps Type I diabetes patients avoid dangerously low or high levels overnight. Panelists discuss how ideal target numbers in children have evolved since the 1980s with medical research. Liam's disease affects his whole family.

Type I Diabetes Cure (02:10)

Dr. Scott A. Soleimanpour is a type I diabetic himself, and remains realistic about research on regenerating beta cells.

Advice for Type I Diabetes Families (00:60)

Linda recommends parents of diabetic children stay patient during the learning curve. Some days their child will have low or high blood sugar, even if they have done everything right.

Credits: Type 1 Diabetes—Second Opinion (01:13)

Credits: Type 1 Diabetes—Second Opinion

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Type 1 Diabetes—Second Opinion

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At the age of nine, Liam McCammon was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Liam and his mother, Linda Moroney, share how he lives with the disease and how new technology has helped him lead a normal life. Experts discuss how groundbreaking research is making the lives of children with Type I Diabetes and their parents better than ever before.

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