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Lou's Story (06:55)


Triathlete Lou Iovoli developed an ear ache at 42 and suspected swimmer's ear. Doctors prescribed antibiotics, which were ineffective. An ENT found a tumor at the base of his tongue; it was diagnosed as stage 4A squamous cell cancer.

Team Approach to Cancer Treatment (03:03)

Dr. Yuhchyau Chen examined Lou's squamous cell tumor in his throat and recommended radiation over surgery. His care team included a social worker, radiation and chemotherapy oncologists, a primary care physician, and a nutritionist. Learn about the survivorship nurse's role.

Head and Neck Cancer Treatment (04:00)

Lou had a PEG tube inserted prior to chemotherapy and radiation for his throat tumor. He outlines the treatment schedule. The team emphasized communication, prepared him for weight loss, and referred him to a survivorship program.

Medical Innovations: Virtual Surgical Planning (01:38)

Learn about a process using 3D imaging to reconstruct complex mandible defects in head and neck cancer patients. It enhances surgical accuracy and shortens patient recovery time.

Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship (03:55)

After a challenging radiation and chemotherapy treatment, Lou's tumor disappeared. He has been cancer-free for ten years. Survivorship nurses provide a treatment summary and contact list, care plan for staying healthy in the future, and available resources.

Advances in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment (04:04)

Lou's cancer is unlikely to return. Chen discusses CAT scan-based intensity modulated radiation and molecular epidemiology research on viruses associated with oropharyngeal cancer. Lou's son Austin discusses the effects of his illness on their family; he is in medical school.

Advice for Advanced Cancer Patients (01:02)

Lou recommends staying calm, putting 100% of their energy toward the fight, and not letting the disease rule their lives.

Credits: Head and Neck Cancer—Second Opinion (01:22)

Credits: Head and Neck Cancer—Second Opinion

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As an incredibly fit triathlete, Lou Iovoli was shocked to hear that he had a late-stage cancer that could possibly kill him. As Lou and his doctor share the story of the drastic measures they took to treat him, they give hope to those diagnosed with this disease, which is often disfiguring, devastating, and deadly.

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