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Patrick's Story (03:14)


Mary and Joseph Mullin's son developed an addiction to pain medication. He drank and smoked marijuana in high school but excelled academically and was a college lacrosse player.

Becoming Addicted (03:50)

After college, Patrick was diagnosed with pancreatitis and prescribed Dilaudid. He also drank, used other prescription medication, and became socially isolated. Dr. Louis Baxter discusses the tendency among physicians to seek symptomatic relief, rather than identify the pain source.

Medical Innovations: Buprenorphine Implant (01:40)

Learn about a new device assisting patients with opioid dependence while they go through recovery programs.

Addiction Risk Factors (04:18)

Drugs alter the brain chemistry of genetically predisposed people. When Oxycodone was chemically reformulated, Patrick switched to heroin. His parents brought him to a detox facility, which was ineffective. He went to jail for breaking and entering.

Ideal Addiction Treatment (02:23)

After jail, Patrick stayed at a veteran's outreach center and went through a drug counseling program, but relapsed. Baxter says a full treatment program is crucial; an addiction medicine specialist would have referred him to an appropriate care level.

Recovering from Addiction (03:02)

Patrick's friend Yana helped him find a homeless shelter; she also struggled with addiction. She co-founded a peer-led sober active community program called ROCovery Fitness that has reached 1,000 recovering addicts. Recovery is an ongoing process.

Losing Patrick (04:44)

Patrick went through a treatment program and volunteered at a Zen center. After a drug-free Christmas, he overdosed and passed away. Mary and Joseph later discovered he had been helping others in recovery. Panelists agree they did everything right to help him.

Advice for Parents of an Addicted Child (01:35)

Mary and Joseph advise other parents not to be ashamed; to recognize the situation and be aware of changes in their child's behavior; to ask for help; and to maintain their relationship to one another.

Credits: Drug Overdose—Second Opinion (01:14)

Credits: Drug Overdose—Second Opinion

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Only two months after their son Patrick died of a heroin overdose, Mary and Joe Mullin courageously share their story. They tell their very personal experience of Patrick’s decline into opioid use, and then heroin addiction, and his treatment. They talk about Patrick’s ups and downs and his relapses. The panel of experts then discusses the drug epidemic in the US and offers timely, actionable information about prevention and treatment.

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