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Ruta's Story (04:40)


Caterer Ruta Sankalis-Biteman began experiencing extreme menstrual pain in her late teens. Doctors recommended Tylenol and oral contraceptives. After a ruptured ovarian cyst, she was diagnosed with endometriosis and recommended a hysterectomy.

Understanding Endometriosis (05:03)

Menstrual tissue becomes displaced outside the uterus, causing inflammation and scar tissue. It can also cover the bowel and bladder. Doctors are misinformed about the disease and treatment options. Ruta educated herself, adopted a healthy lifestyle, and got pregnant.

Myth or Medicine (01:30)

Dr. Amy Benjamin explains why menopause does not cure endometriosis.

Cause of Endometriosis (02:30)

Researchers believe tissue regurgitates backwards during menstruation to grow outside the uterus. Ruta's symptoms disappeared during pregnancy and returned a year after birth. Dr. Lisa Harris discusses trust in the physician-patient relationship.

Treating Endometriosis (05:21)

Early diagnosis and surgical removal is the best option; controlling periods can lessen the pain. Seckin discusses technical difficulties of surgery. Ruta switched from oral contraceptives to an IUD and currently has minimal symptoms. Seckin recommends monitoring her lesions.

Second Opinion (02:45)

Research suggests endometriosis originates at birth, where infant girls experience a version of menstruation backflow. Genetic predisposition and uterine configuration are also factors in the disease. Ruta recommends women experiencing symptoms to educate themselves and talk to others.

Second Opinion 5 (02:19)

Dr. Jorge Carrillo shares fives facts about endometriosis.

Credits: Endometriosis—Second Opinion (01:13)

Credits: Endometriosis—Second Opinion

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More than 10 million women in the US struggle with endometriosis. We meet Ruta Biteman, who shares the story of the pain she experienced throughout her life, and the challenges that she went through to get effective care, help, and hope.

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