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Shanelle's Story (05:49)


During college, poet and singer Shanelle Gabriel developed joint pain, fatigue, migraines, and her fingers turned white in the cold. When she started losing hair, she tested positive for anemia and her doctor diagnosed her with lupus.

Understanding Lupus (03:46)

In autoimmune diseases, the immune system attacks itself; joint and skin inflammation are common. Learn about symptoms. Lupus triggers include ultraviolet light, infections, and stress. Shanelle tried to maintain her high activity level but developed pericarditis.

Myth or Medicine (01:37)

Dr. Loralei Thornburg explains that women with lupus can have healthy pregnancies, but are considered high risk due to various disease manifestations.

Treating Lupus (04:38)

The autoimmune disease is chronic, but can be managed; patient outlook is important. Shanelle is taking low-dose Prednisone, Plaquenil, and Benlysta, a monoclonal antibody inhibiting B cell activity. She follows a healthy lifestyle and does not have kidney disease.

Living with Lupus (03:10)

Lupus symptoms can be mild and difficult to diagnose. Life expectancy is normal if patients do not have kidney disease. Dr. Bevra Hahn discusses new biologic drugs.

Second Opinion (01:20)

Shanelle asks how to handle doctors that do not take her seriously. Dr. Lisa Harris recommends bringing an advocate to visits or changing doctors.

"Vanity" (03:53)

Shanelle recites her poem "Vanity" about her experience being diagnosed with Lupus during college.

Credits: Lupus—Second Opinion (01:14)

Credits: Lupus—Second Opinion

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Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that is known as the “great imitator”, because many of its symptoms can mask themselves as other disorders. We meet Shanelle Gabriel, who thought her symptoms were the result of her busy college schedule, until a moment of vanity took her to see her doctor.

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