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Karen's Story (05:27)


Karen Scott-Gledhill lost 85% of her renal function in her 20s. Kidneys are the body's main filtration organ, without which poisons accumulate. Her doctor ordered a low protein diet and hemodialysis. She and her sister were diagnosed with cystinosis.

Kidney Allocation System (04:08)

Karen's siblings were unsuitable as donors; she was placed on the national transplant list waiting for deceased donors. Ranking factors include time on dialysis, age, and co-morbidities. She received a kidney after two years and immediately felt more energetic.

Myth or Medicine (01:28)

Dr. Hima Vidula confirms that donor bodies are treated with respect during the organ transplantation process.

Live Kidney Transplant (03:33)

Karen's sister also received a deceased donor transplant. Her first lasted 26 years; she took cyclosporin. Her brother Tom Scott discusses the decision to donate a kidney.

Ethics of Living Donation (04:19)

Panelists discuss how the medical community addresses coercion concerns among living donors. Donors are evaluated psychologically, socially and financially to ensure they are aware of the risks. Tom discusses his experience as a kidney donor for Karen.

Ultimate Altruistic Act (03:20)

Tom and Karen's brother also donated a kidney to their sister. There is a shortage of available donors, particularly among the minority population. They recommend people sign organ donor cards or become living donors.

Second Opinion 5 (02:06)

Heart transplant recipient Scott Hetsko shares five things he learned from being an organ donor recipient.

Credits: Kidney Transplant—Second Opinion (01:12)

Credits: Kidney Transplant—Second Opinion

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Kidney Transplant—Second Opinion

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With an increase in chronic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, the need for kidney transplants is on the rise. Both deceased and live donors are needed, and in this program, experts shed light on the organ transplant process. Karen Scott Gledhill was shocked in her early 20s to discover that she has a rare, genetic kidney disorder. Fortunately, her life was saved by a deceased donor, and then again many years later by her own brother Tom Scott, who joins her to share their story.

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