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MaryAnn's Story (05:33)


MaryAnn Murray experienced chest pressure while hosting a family reunion. Her doctor ordered an echocardiogram, found no artery blockages, and diagnosed her with broken heart syndrome.

Understanding Broken Heart Syndrome (02:28)

Dr. Ilan Wittstein explains that emotional or physical stress temporarily weakens the heart muscle, causing heart attack symptoms. However, there are no artery blockages and the tissue does not die.

Myth or Medicine (01:32)

Dr. Himabindu Vidula confirms that broken heart syndrome is caused by stress. Research suggests stress hormones can cause changes in the left ventricle, leading to heart failure.

Broken Heart Syndrome Risk Factors (06:33)

The heart muscle weakens suddenly after emotional or physical stress and does not pump effectively. Most cases occur in post-menopausal women, possibly due to decreasing estrogen levels. The condition can run in families. Learn about its Japanese name, Takotsubo cardiomyopathy.

Treating Broken Heart Syndrome (06:06)

In Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, the heart tissue is not permanently injured. See an echocardiogram comparing a patient's heart during illness and after recovery. MaryAnn recovered after a short hospital stay; Dr. Samuel Sear recommends a stress management plan.

Second Opinion 5 (02:04)

Dr. Leway Chen shares five things about broken heart syndrome.

Credits: Broken Heart Syndrome—Second Opinion (00:28)

Credits: Broken Heart Syndrome—Second Opinion

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Can you really die of a broken heart? Research says that you can. More specifically, they identify a condition called Broken Heart Syndrome, also known as Takotsubo and Stress Cardiomyopathy. Brought on by stressful situations, it can be reversed completely with quick medical intervention. We meet Maryann Murray, who shares how stress suddenly turned her into a cardiac patient.

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