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Peter's Story (04:31)


Peter Suess experienced fatigue, malaise, itchiness, and changing urine and eye color in 2009. A liver ultrasound revealed a tumor; a GI specialist put a stent in his bile duct. A biopsy then revealed pancreatic cancer.

Understanding Pancreatic Cancer (03:12)

Tumors grow undetected in most cases; symptoms are general. The pancreas makes insulin and digestive enzymes. Peter underwent chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the tumor before the Whipple procedure, which was initially successful.

Pancreatic Cancer Persistence (04:43)

After the Whipple procedure, Peter's cancer returned; he had another pancreatic surgery. It reappeared on his liver; he underwent Folfirinox chemotherapy. Cancer reappeared on his liver and he underwent radiofrequency ablation. Family support and improved treatment helped him on the journey.

Myth or Medicine (01:32)

Dr. David Linahan says pancreatic cancer is not a death sentence. Researchers have discovered a possible biomarker for early detection; the immune system can help fight the disease. Participation in clinical trials is important for progress.

Project Survival (03:47)

Peter's brother-in-law was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but did not respond to treatment. Dr. James Moser discusses genetic and tumor variability and chemo-sensitivity factors. He is involved in research on biomarkers needed for early detection and targeted chemotherapy.

Second Opinion (04:24)

Peter reflects on surviving pancreatic cancer for five years and asks about developing blood tests for pancreatic cancer. Moser discusses a personalized medicine approach of growing and testing patient tumors in mice. Peter encourages other patients to stay positive.

Second Opinion 5 (02:05)

Registered nurse Alicia Coffin discusses five ways to support someone with cancer.

Credits: Pancreatic Cancer—Second Opinion (01:12)

Credits: Pancreatic Cancer—Second Opinion

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A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is devastating both for patients and their family. This cancer is often only caught in its advanced stage, when survival rates are much lower. Peter Suess was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer more than 5 years ago, and the story of his ongoing treatment and survival is one of hope and inspiration. We also answer whether pancreatic cancer a death sentence, and outline five ways to support someone with cancer.

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