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Mark's Story (03:58)


Meteorologist Mark Lee experienced blurred vision and fatigue at 48. His doctor found high blood sugar levels on an A1C test and diagnosed him with type II diabetes.

Understanding Diabetes (02:48)

Mark was overweight when diagnosed but no one in his family has the disease. Dr. Robert Gabby distinguishes types I and II. Controlling A1C levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol can help patients avoid long term complications.

Treating Diabetes (03:48)

Patients can reverse diabetes through lifestyle changes. Mark's doctor prescribed Metformin; he lost weight through diet and exercise and was able to go off his medication. Panelists agree that he was an active participant in patient-centered care.

Myth or Medicine (01:37)

Dr. Stephen R. Hammes explains why significant weight loss alone cannot cure type II diabetes.

Value Based Care (02:53)

Mark has managed his type II diabetes through lifestyle changes. Through the fee-for-service model, the current healthcare system has financial incentives for patients to remain unhealthy. Evidence-based medicine is necessary for controlling costs.

Engaging Patients (02:44)

Patients must participate, in order for values-based care to be effective. Mark was driven by fear to control his type II diabetes through lifestyle changes. Panelists discuss the challenge of treating communities with fewer resources.

Shifting the Healthcare System (02:29)

Providers are becoming more responsible for care decisions, rather than payers. A large portion of primary care doctor income depends on patient outcomes, but payers will invest more in primary care.

Second Opinion (01:59)

Mark tests his A1C twice a year, stays active, and controls his diet. He wonders whether his children are at risk for type II diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight and monitoring blood sugar will help prevent the condition.

Second Opinion 5 (02:01)

Dr. Lisa Harris shares five ways controlling your diabetes will help you feel better.

Credits: Diabetes and Value-Based Care—Second Opinion (01:12)

Credits: Diabetes and Value-Based Care—Second Opinion

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Diabetes and Value-Based Care—Second Opinion

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Almost 30 million people in the US have Type II Diabetes. It is a disease where lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, exercise, as well as medication compliance and monitoring can greatly improve symptoms. Not many people do as well as Mark Lee, who turned his life around completely after his diagnosis. His story is an inspiration to those who struggle every day with controlling their diabetes. We also answer the question of whether Type II Diabetes can be cured, and discuss five ways to control diabetes.

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