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Emmi's Story (06:16)


Emmi Herman's sister contracted the measles in 1959; learn about symptoms and transmission routes. The viral infection was very common before the vaccine was available. Dr. Lisa Harris distinguishes measles from German measles and Dr. Paul Graman discusses its infectiousness.

Measles Complications (03:27)

Emmi's sister was hospitalized with measles encephalitis and fell into a coma for weeks, which impacted her life permanently. Prior to the vaccine, 4,000 U.S. children suffered serious effects annually. Parents in some communities are refusing to vaccinate their children.

Myth or Medicine (01:41)

Dr. Roger M. Oskvig explains that it is safe to get the measles vaccine when you have a cold.

Measles Vaccine Controversy (08:00)

Since the immunization was developed, the infectious disease was virtually eradicated until recently. Dr. Emily Brunson discusses her research on why well-educated parents have been refusing to vaccinate their children, due to vaccine safety concerns. Hear arguments for herd immunity.

Second Opinion (02:32)

Harris says primary care physicians should use education and support to help convince parents to vaccinate their children against measles. Brunson's research shows people make immunization decisions based on their social networks.

Second Opinion 5 (02:25)

Dr. Nancy Bennett identifies five misconceptions about vaccines.

Credits: Measles/Vaccines—Second Opinion (01:12)

Credits: Measles/Vaccines—Second Opinion

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As some parents decide not to vaccinate their children, the cases of measles in the US have reached a 20 year high. We meet Emmi Herman, who describes the devastating impact that this highly contagious childhood illness has had on her own family. We answer whether you can get a measles vaccine if you have a cold, and describe five misconceptions about vaccines.

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