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Steve's Story (05:52)


Carpenter Steve Jasinski describes chronic knee problems; walking has become painful. He uses aspirin, anti-inflammatories, knee braces, ointments, and cortisone injections. Dr. William Macaulay believes he should have had replacement surgery. Dr. Ralph Simpson describes a physical therapy regime.

Delaying Knee Replacement Surgery (04:48)

Steve has been managing knee pain while hoping for an improved treatment. Bow-legged alignment, difficulty standing, muscle atrophy, and heart health can be irreversible. Dr. Louis Papa says the patient must decide whether to improve their quality of life.

Myth or Medicine (01:58)

Dr. Mark Mirabelli recommends patients stay active following knee replacement surgery, but engage in low or no impact activities. In certain cases, physical therapy can be an alternative to surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery Expectations (05:04)

Steve has grown accustomed to his decreased physical ability. Replacements improve, but do not restore, original function. Macaulay discusses the "minimally invasive" label and appliance performance. Simpson outlines improvements in the post-operative rehabilitation process.

Regaining Knee Function (02:24)

It takes six weeks to three months of rehabilitation for patients to report decreased pain after replacement surgery. Papa says the procedure is life-changing for many patients.

Second Opinion (02:18)

Macaulay and Papa believe Steve's quality of life and function will improve with knee replacement surgery.

Second Opinion 5 (01:41)

Dr. Lisa Harris outlines five things to think about when considering joint replacement surgery.

Credits: Knee Replacement—Second Opinion (01:19)

Credits: Knee Replacement—Second Opinion

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Knee pain is a common ailment that can eventually compromise quality of life for some individuals. We meet Steve Jasinski, whose severe knee issues have had a negative impact on his life for many years. He shares his personal story, and learns about new treatment options that are available to him. We also answer whether you should take it easy and avoid exercise after joint replacement surgery, and outline five things to consider when thinking about joint replacement.

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